What is web hosting?

Web hosting refers to a service that enables people to make their websites visible and usable globally via the Internet. In this respect, both individuals and organizations can run their blogs or more technical services on their website; serving the larger global market through the Internet. A web host company provides internet connectivity and space(s) on its server(s) as well as both internet connectivity and data space for other servers in its center.

Web Hosting Scope

Web hosting scope is vast, but a basic Web Page and file hosting, on a smaller scale, ranks among the most basic services. Web Page hosting revolves around the transfer or upload of files from one platform to another through Web interface or the commonly known FTP – File Transfer Protocol. Individual blogs or simple web pages require simple hosting, that may be provided free of charge by most service providers, while organizations running complex websites certainly require more complex/comprehensive packages that will allow them web page control, installation of some scripts and so on. Simple hosting are provided by multiple web host companies at little or no cost because, in most cases, the services are advertisement-sponsored. The services are, however, limited. Complex hosting, usually required by organizations running myriad tasks, on the other hand, can be quite costly depending on the requirements.

Getting Web Hosting Services

Individuals and organizations can obtain web hosting services provided as part of an Internet access plan. It is, however, important for the intended recipient of web hosting service to check their system’s compliance with some of the requirements that enable them to benefit from the package(s) they subscribe to; such as operating system requirements, scripting software and database server software. A web hosting service that, for example, offers e-commerce or online shopping may require a more complex software that will allow the online trading; adding items to one’s cart and secure payments, etc. On the other hand, personal blogging, hosting a simple homepage and sending of emails require less complex web hosting. You can easily learn how to blog for money and buy a simple hosting to start your own blog website and make good money from it.

Specific Types of Hosting

As mentioned earlier, web hosting services are diverse and may include video hosting, image hosting, blog hosting, shopping cart software, email hosting service, file hosting service and paste bin among others. Video hosting service, for instance, enables people to stream live video programs or communications when they access internet while file and image hosting services enable clients to store and or send files in imagery or other format via the Internet. Blog hosting enables clients to create and follow their own personal contributions on the Internet as well as allow other internet users to see, follow and even contribute on the posted threads/ topics. Shopping cart software or e-commerce software, mostly utilized by businesses/individuals that sell their products online, enable the trader(s) to profile their products, price them and provide a platform that ensures secure online payment.

Hosting: Types/Plans

There are several web hosting service types; each with its own features. They include free, dedicated, shared, reseller and VPS (Virtual Dedicated Server) hosting among others. Top Web hosting companies such as BlueHost, Hostmonster and HostGator among others provide more than one web hosting plan but at different prices. The best and cheapest Bluehost hosting discount coupon is available at www.bluehost.com/track/ktalk/bluehost-coupon-code.